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Date PostedThread TitleLast Post ByEntries
7/28/2021 6:12 PMrevenue code Joyce Harper, MDH Family Medicine5 Posts
7/28/2021 5:25 PMRARC N418 Part B claim edit: misrouted claim Cassie Beesley, Springfield Clinic - Hillsboro East2 Posts
7/28/2021 12:45 PMIllinois MMAI Statewide Expansion Charles James, North American Healthcare Management Services5 Posts
7/28/2021 11:23 AMCARDIOVASCULAR MONITORING Scharlette Fason, Banister Lieblong Clinic1 items
7/27/2021 9:12 AMExpansion of audio only services Nathan Baugh, National Association of Rural Health Clinics6 Posts
7/23/2021 3:05 PMCognitive Assessment & Care Plan Services CPT 99483 Anna Bennett, Baptist Health RHCs3 Posts
7/22/2021 3:27 PMVaccine Confidence Grants Sarah Hohman, National Association of Rural Health Clinics1 items
7/22/2021 11:25 AMHospital agreements  Lori Trokey, Borgess Lee Med Group-Family Pract & Peds2 Posts
7/21/2021 5:23 PMRHC Modifier HCSPC conflict 11721 Lisa Amerman, Mile Bluff Medical Center RHCs46 Posts
7/20/2021 12:31 PMPolicy for PA supervision Deb Hawkins, Clara Barton Medical Clinic - Great Bend1 items
7/19/2021 3:31 PMChronic Care Management Cynthia Grubb, Pondera Medical Center Clinic3 Posts
7/18/2021 10:26 AMEHR/Practice Management Systems Christopher Davis, Desoto Regional Family Medicine - Mansfield2 Posts
7/13/2021 12:47 PMVaccine Confidence Resources  Sarah Hohman, National Association of Rural Health Clinics1 items
7/13/2021 10:27 AMOSHA ETS for Health care Deb Hawkins, Clara Barton Medical Clinic - Great Bend2 Posts
7/6/2021 10:00 AMStates that end the State of Emergency--how does that affect Telehealth Denae' Hebert, Louisiana Department of Health3 Posts
7/4/2021 1:11 AMMorris Brown, Lake City Family Medicine LLC1 items
7/1/2021 10:11 AMprovider relief fund -loss of income Anna Bennett, Baptist Health RHCs6 Posts
6/29/2021 10:55 AMDATA 2000 Waiver Training Payment Program Nathan Baugh, National Association of Rural Health Clinics1 items
6/28/2021 2:40 PMCMS form to change name of Medical Director for RHC Michele Miller, PMH Family & Internal Medicine2 Posts
6/25/2021 2:52 PMColumn for COVID Vaccine Administration to be Added to Cost Report John Duke, Complete Care Rural Health Clinic2 Posts
6/25/2021 1:09 PM: MAT services at RHCs Denise.Dowell@LA.GOV1 items
6/25/2021 8:00 AMRevenue Codes Joyce Harper, MDH Family Medicine1 items
6/18/2021 7:43 AMChanging medical director on PECOS Ashley Allers, Van Diest Family Health Clinic3 Posts
6/14/2021 3:19 PMCOVID 19 REMINDER schallen@tcworks.net1 items
6/14/2021 8:47 AMChronic Care Management Jackie King, Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network4 Posts
6/13/2021 1:13 AMMorris Brown, Lake City Family Medicine LLC1 items
6/11/2021 10:00 AMJennifer O'Riley, Port Lavaca Clinic Associates PA1 items
6/10/2021 6:19 PMCost Report Filing Requirements John Gibboney, Arnett Carbis Toothman, LLC1 items
6/9/2021 7:56 AMRHC and billing secondary insurances after Medicare Rosemary King, Love Memorial Clinic6 Posts
6/7/2021 5:39 PMRegistered Dietician David Linger, Copper Mountain Clinic1 items
6/6/2021 7:20 PMhumana and medicare lab rejection Mindy Pownell, Avera Medical Group3 Posts
6/4/2021 4:58 PMCO45 Denial  Rhonda Webber, PCMH Clinic Unionville2 Posts
6/4/2021 1:02 PMPPD Vials Tammy Hicok, Vinton Family Medical Clinic2 Posts
6/2/2021 1:29 PMPOCT Lab Competencies Michele Miller, PMH Family & Internal Medicine1 items
6/2/2021 11:40 AMNew HIPAA regulations Sarah Badahman, HIPAAtrek3 Posts
5/26/2021 6:13 PMLicensed Associate Counselor Terry Miller, Rocky Ford Family Health Center4 Posts
5/26/2021 1:30 PMrevenue code Joyce Harper, MDH Family Medicine7 Posts
5/26/2021 12:33 PMMedicaid non-rhc Jenny Vigus, Cuero Community Hospital RHCs1 items
5/24/2021 5:20 PMFederal Postings Sarah Cole, Owensboro Health RHCs1 items
5/20/2021 5:06 PMBehavioral Health via Telehealth Sarah Cole, Owensboro Health RHCs4 Posts
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