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Date PostedThread TitleLast Post ByEntries
1/18/2021 4:30 PMCOVID 19 Vaccine Reimbursement Scharlette Fason, 18 Posts
1/18/2021 4:08 PMCCM/PCM services Jackie King, Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network2 Posts
1/15/2021 2:21 PMCPT II claims with PalmettoGBA Jennifer Boyd, Umatilla Family Practice3 Posts
1/15/2021 1:12 PMChanges to CCM billing (G0511) Kim Keating, Nursery Street Family Care Clinic2 Posts
1/15/2021 11:29 AMProvider Relief Fund Reporting Portal Now Open Nathan Baugh, National Association of Rural Health Clinics1 items
1/15/2021 9:46 AMMass Covid-19 Vaccine Administration Sharon Froehlich, Cumberland Clinic1 items
1/14/2021 4:16 PMTCM Billing Process Cassie Beesley, Springfield Clinic - Hillsboro East2 Posts
1/14/2021 3:12 PMRapid COVID test Suzanne Wright, Lake Village Clinic PA4 Posts
1/14/2021 12:35 PM2021 E/M coding guidelines Patty Harper, inQuiseek Consulting2 Posts
1/14/2021 11:56 AMMedical Director Louise Johnson, Genesis Health Group Aledo1 items
1/14/2021 11:11 AMPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner Charles James, North American Healthcare Management Services9 Posts
1/14/2021 8:40 AMUpdated Non-Eligible RHC Codes-CMS Devi Ray, Horn Physicians Clinic - Ida Grove5 Posts
1/13/2021 10:55 AMExperience adding behavioral health Charles James, North American Healthcare Management Services8 Posts
1/11/2021 6:07 PMMAT Policy Bill Finerfrock, National Association of Rural Health Clinics2 Posts
1/11/2021 5:44 PMTelehealth Policy and Procedure Tracy Nelson, White Mountain Regional Medical Center Clinic1 items
1/11/2021 11:41 AMProvider Home Visits and Medical Necessity Patty Harper, inQuiseek Consulting2 Posts
1/11/2021 10:17 AMTelehealth education for clinicians Mindy Pownell, Avera Medical Group3 Posts
1/7/2021 4:56 PMdiagnostic interpretations Karen Robinson, Arnett Carbis Toothman, LLC3 Posts
1/7/2021 4:36 PMTelehealth education for clinicians Scott Focke, Family Center for Health Care1 items
1/6/2021 3:27 PMRelocation/CAP Nathan Baugh, National Association of Rural Health Clinics5 Posts
1/6/2021 1:29 PMCOVID Testing in personal care home Brad Ashby, South Main Clinic1 items
1/4/2021 5:08 PMProgram Waiver for School-based RHC? Scott Hertzberg, Adventist Health1 items
1/4/2021 4:25 PMPCMH future measure re indigency/resources Deb Hawkins, Clara Barton Medical Clinic - Great Bend1 items
1/3/2021 1:12 AMMorris Brown, Lake City Family Medicine LLC1 items
12/30/2020 9:04 AMWho uses eClinicalWorks and what do you think? Christopher Davis, DeSoto Regional Health System5 Posts
12/28/2020 1:43 PMIncident-to services in Provider Based RHC Charles James, North American Healthcare Management Services3 Posts
12/22/2020 3:06 PMEMGs in RHC Betty Miller, Blackfoot Medical Center2 Posts
12/21/2020 4:48 PMRev Code for Shingrix Vaccine Patty Harper, inQuiseek Consulting4 Posts
12/21/2020 3:29 PMB12 Injections Anna Bennett, Baptist Health RHCs3 Posts
12/19/2020 12:11 PMCharging Interest on Late Accounts Lacey Mollel, Family Health Center1 items
12/18/2020 11:36 PMGuidance for Allergic Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine Nathan Baugh, National Association of Rural Health Clinics1 items
12/17/2020 9:47 AMProlonged E&M code 99417 Debbie Metz, Medical Specialists - Waynesboro1 items
12/16/2020 5:27 PMAnnual Program Evaluation Melissa Maas, Atlantic Medical Center1 items
12/16/2020 5:21 PMAnnual Program Evaluation Melissa Maas, Atlantic Medical Center1 items
12/11/2020 10:26 PMCovid Grants and Taxes Elaine Tubbs, Greater Sandhills Family Healthcare Stuart2 Posts
12/9/2020 5:16 PMHazard Pay for COVID Janice Westendorf, Family Care Associates of Effingham SC4 Posts
12/9/2020 12:19 PMG2211 Joanne Bean, McCrary Rost Clinic - Lake City1 items
12/9/2020 11:00 AMVenipuncture billing in RHC provider based Patty Harper, inQuiseek Consulting2 Posts
12/8/2020 4:15 PMJob Descriptions for Clinic Medical Director, Supervising Physician Director, and Lab Director Patty Harper, inQuiseek Consulting2 Posts
12/7/2020 5:16 PMTelehealth (G2025) Coinsurance and Reimbursement Policy Updated Nathan Baugh, National Association of Rural Health Clinics1 items
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