Take part in RHC discussions with your peers

NARHC offers 2 public forums and a private consultant forum:

  • NARHC-News: Open to members and non-members alike; anyone can post, anyone can answer. This forum is for asking questions you may have specifically pertaining to your RHC or to provide helpful information to others' inquiries. Our administration monitors the information provided for accuracy and will intervene if we see incorrect information being given out.

  • Technical Assistance (TA): Receive breaking legislate news and updates, as well as upcoming FREE Technical Assistance webinars and training from NARHC staff and the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy!

  • Consultant-News: This forum is for NARHC member consultants only to ask questions of each other and discuss many important RHC topics in a private setting. If you are interested in hearing about other member benefits as a consultant, please contact us at 866-306-1961 x 1.

All forum posts are delivered directly into your email where you can choose to receive them as they are posted or in “digest” form (daily or weekly). In order to subscribe to either forum, you must have a personal account on the NARHC website. There is no charge to set up an account and you DO NOT need to be a NARHC member to create an account. Many of you already have a NARHC account because you are a NARHC member or engaged in some type of transaction with the Association.


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