Please review the cancellation/transfer terms on the course page prior to filling out the form. If more than one attendee from your organization is cancelling/transferring, a form will need to be filled out per person.

Please note, if your registration fees were paid via a credit card, any refunds less the processing fee will go back on the credit card within 24-48 business hours. If fees were paid via check, a refund request order will be sent to our AP Department for processing and mailing.

Things to Note:

  • Refunds only apply to the course registration fee and does NOT include the workbook.
  • All refunds will incur a $25 admin fee.
  • If you transfer to a future course session, you will not be able to cancel and receive any refunds once that transfer is complete. 

If you are transferring the registration from one attendee to another, please indicate below in the form and fill out a registration form for the new attendee (can be found on the course page). Please note: You can only transfer to the immediate future course (ex: You are registered for Spring, you can only transfer to the Fall and not any future course).  

If you are a SORH Scholarship recipient, you need to reach out first to your contact at the SORH to inform them of your request. 

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