NARHC Policy & Advocacy

NARHC’s policy and advocacy efforts advance the NARHC mission, enhancing the ability of RHCs to deliver cost-effective, quality health care to patients in rural, underserved communities. NARHC’s government affairs team, based in Washington, D.C. serves as the primary resource to Congress, federal agencies, and the Administration on federal Rural Health Clinic issues. [...]

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The NARHC Newsletters are published quarterly to 5500 people. It contains breaking RHC News, Legislative Updates, Stories from Member Consultants, Educational Opportunities, Conference Information, and more! [...]

NARHC Academy

NARHC offers Directors, Clinic Administrators & other RHC leaders a unique full-spectrum course designed to teach operating a successful Rural Health Clinic. [...]

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The NARHC-News Forum is your resource to engage in discussions about all things Rural Health Clinics. This community forum serves as a valuable resource to ask questions, network with other professionals, share knowledge, and stay informed. [...]

RHC Overview

What is a Rural Health Clinic? Rural Health Clinics act – pl 95-210: an overview The purpose of the Rural Health Clinics program is to [...]