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The NARHC Newsletter issues are published quarterly. Readership is approx. 5,500 individuals in Rural Health Clinics in 45 states across the nation.

Deadlines are the 1st Tuesday of the distribution month. Newsletters are published the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Dates may be adjusted for the fall edition based on when the NARHC Fall Institute is being held.

  • Winter: January distribution
  • Spring: April distribution
  • Summer: July distribution
  • Fall: Sept.-Oct. distribution

Newsletter Rates:

  • Quarter page 4-color ad (6-1/2 x 2″) $250 per issue or $750 per year (4 issues)
  • Half page 4-color ad (6-1/2 x 4″) $500 per issue or $1500 per year (4 issues)
  • Full page 4-color ad (6-1/2 x 8″) $1,000 per issue or $3,000 per year (4 issues)

Website –

There are approximately 22,000 visitors to this site monthly. These numbers are growing as the website gains more dynamic content, a key goal for NARHC.

Corporate Advertiser: Logo(360x117 pxl) located on the front pg. + majority of website pages. Includes a link to your website plus and advertisement on the Consultant & Vendors pg.

Annual Rate: $2500/year – Jan.-Dec.

Consultants & Vendors Page: Logo (includes a link to your website), Business Name plus a four-line description of services (approx. 45 words). $900 Annual Rate

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