The NARHC Newsletter issues are published quarterly. Readership is approx. 5,500 individuals in Rural Health Clinics in 43 states across the nation.

  • Winter: (Deadline: Dec. 15) January distribution
  • Spring: (Deadline: Apr. 22) April distribution
  • Summer: (Deadline: July 8) July distribution
  • Fall: (Deadline: Sept. 8) Sept.-Oct. distribution

Newsletter Rates:

  • Quarter page 4-color ad (6-1/2 x 2″) $250 per issue or $750 per year (4 issues)
  • Half page 4-color ad (6-1/2 x 4″) $500 per issue or $1500 per year (4 issues)
  • Full page 4-color ad (6-1/2 x 8″) $1,000 per issue or $3,000 per year (4 issues)

Website –

There are approximately 22,000 visitors to this site monthly. These numbers are growing as the website gains more dynamic content, a key goal for NARHC.

Corporate Advertiser: Located on the front pg. + majority of website pages. Includes a link to your website plus and advertisement on the Consultant & Vendors pg.

Annual Rate: $2500/year – Jan.-Dec.

Consultants & Vendors Page: Logo (includes a link to your website), Business Name plus a four-line description of services (approx. 45 words). $900 Annual Rate

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