NARHC Conferences 


Our educational conferences are one of a kind in that we are the only national association dedicated strictly to Rural Health Clinics (RHC). They occur semiannually in March and October of every year and are two and a half days long. Rural health professionals of all kinds find great value in attending our Institutes, from CEOs, to physicians, to coders as we offer a variety of topics and include RHC beginner sessions. Whether you are looking to expand your RHC knowledge or keep up to date on the ever changing rules and regulations happening in the RHC world, NARHC Institutes are the resource to do so. Not able to attend? NARHC offers the presentations available for purchase once the conference has completed. For more information on the upcoming Fall Institute Click Here.



Introduction to RHCs is a new course offered by the National Association of Rural Health Clinics covering the very basics of the RHC Program. Participants will hear about the history of the RHC Program and how NARHC was formed, as well as learn the fundamentals of running an RHC and what's most important. This short 1-hour course is ideal for clinic administrators, managers, front office staff, and others! For more information on the Introduction to RHCs Course Click Here.

For a more thorough and in depth look at how to manage an RHC please consider taking our Certified Rural Health Clinic Professional Course (CRHCP). You can find more information on that course directly below.


The National Association of Rural Health Clinics has developed a new training called the Certified Rural Health Clinic Professional (CRHCP) Course designed to teach you how to operate a successful Rural Health Clinic. This highly sought after, full-spectrum course is offered to Directors, Consultants, Clinic Administrators & other RHC leaders. Upon course completion & attainment of an 80% or higher exam score, you will earn a CRHCP certification. For more information on the CRHCP Course Click Here.

T.A. Webinars

The Technical Assistance Webinars are a training forum, where we notify you of important news & upcoming free webinars or training.  You will only get about 1 email a month.

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Thank you to those who have participated in NARHC Academy’s CRHCP Course. To maintain your certification you are required to take a 1-hour TA Webinar/Call in the year following obtaining certification. In your second year you must also attend a NARHC Conference. TA Webinars are offered throughout the year. Make sure you are subscribed to the TA Webinar list. If you are not you may do so by clicking on the Discussion Forums tab and click "Subscribe."
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Directions on Submitting Your TA Webinar Code:

  • Call-in/Login on the call.
  • Once the webinar is complete there will be a NARHC CRHCP Code provided. Copy the code for entry later.
  • Click on the Events tab on our website
  • Select TA Webinars
  • Navigate to the Registration tab
  • Click Register
  • Proceed through the screens until you are at your cart and enter your code in the Webinar Code field.

You may unsubscribe at any time from the bottom of any TA email or by going to the Discussion Forums tab and clicking on the TA Webinar's "Subscribed" button, which then should change to "Unsubscribed". NARHC partners with HRSA to offer you these webinars FREE of charge.  For the most recent webinars Click Here. To view a complete list of past webinars Click Here.