Policy & Procedure Manual Template

Bill Finerfrock, Executive Director


Policy & Procedure Manual Template

Below are some options. I would strongly recommend that you use these as templates. Also, please note that the P/P manual in the “How To” publication is getting old and likely needs to be updated but it will still give you a sense of how you may want to proceed. It is extremely important that the P/P manual be a reflection of how YOUR RHC intends to practice and see/treat patients.

Keep in mind that the manual must also reflect the unique laws and regulations governing medical practices in your state. So a manual developed from one state may not cover of the things that would be necessary in your state due to practice nuances or state regulatory requirements (not necessarily RHC but general state medical/nursing laws) in your state.

Several RHC consultants have also developed RHC Policy and Procedures manuals that they sell or otherwise make available. You may want to consider contacting an RHC consultant if you don’t find that either of the documents linked below meet your needs. I would discourage use of a cookie cutter approach. That having been said, here are some options for you to consider:

RHC How To Manual produced by NARHC a few years ago. A sample P/P is included in this document.

And this from the Oregon Health Sciences University. Although specific to provider-based clinics, much of what is in this would be relevant to independent RHCs as well. Hope this helps.

Bill Finerfrock