CMS Allows RHCs to Temporarily Expand During PHE


CMS updated their document on COVID-19 waivers today to allow RHCs to temporarily expand locations during the public health emergency. Here is the relevant section:

Temporary Expansion Locations.

CMS is waiving the requirements at 42 CFR §491.5(a)(3)(iii) which require RHCs and FQHCs be independently considered for Medicare approval if services are furnished in more than one permanent location. Due to the current PHE, CMS is temporarily waiving this requirement removing the location restrictions to allow flexibility for existing RHCs/ FQHCs to expand services locations to meet the needs of Medicare beneficiaries. This flexibility includes areas which may be outside of the location requirements 42 CFR §491.5(a)(1) and (2) but will end when the HHS Secretary determines there is no longer a PHE due to COVID-19.

You can see the full list of waivers here: COVID-19 Emergency DeclarationBlanket Waivers for Health Care Providers