Rural Health Clinics Modernization Act Advocacy


All politics is local.”

   ~Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill

As you know, one of the key reasons the National Association of Rural Health Clinics was founded, was to represent the RHC community in Washington, D.C. We work hard to ensure that new rules and regulations coming out of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are feasible and fair for rural health clinics.

We also work with Congress to ensure that healthcare policy works for rural and underserved areas. In this role, we have also been working with Congress to improve and modernize the rural health clinics program. These efforts have led to the introduction of the Rural Health Clinics Modernization Act.

The following resources are all designed to help you, the RHC community, advocate for the RHC Modernization Act. We need your help!

If we cannot build grassroots support for the RHC Modernization Act, the legislation has almost no chance of passing Congress. The health of the RHC program as we know it depends on this legislation. We are imploring the entire rural health community to reach out to their Representatives and their Senators and ask them to cosponsor the RHC Modernization Act.

Below you find all the various fact sheets, narratives, section-by-sections, and news related to the RHC Modernization Act to help you with this advocacy. While we encourage you to use these sample letters and documents, it is vitally important that you tell your clinic’s story in your own words. Only you can tell the personal stories about the value of your RHC to your community.

All politics is local, and while we work hard inside the beltway to represent RHCs, our power comes from the fact that RHCs provide vital services to these Member’s constituents.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your Congressional delegation! They are happy to hear from constituents and will register your support for the RHC Modernization Act! Please reach out in the way that is most comfortable to you, a call, an email, or a letter are all highly encouraged.

Who represents you in Washington?

To find out who your representatives/senators are and their contact information visit:

Below are some resources to help you advocate to your Congressional delegation. 

Click Here  - RHC Modernization Act Policy Narrative
Click Here  - The RHC Modernization Act Section-by-Section
Click Here  Full Text of RHC Modernization Act
Click Here  Sample Letter Asking Senators For Their Support
Click Here  - Sample Letter Asking For Support from the House of Representatives
Click Here  - Sen. Barrasso Press Release
Click Here  - Sen. Smith Press Release
Click Here  - National Rural Health Association Endorsement
Click Here  - Missouri Association of Rural Health Clinics Endorsement
Click Here  - Indiana Rural Health Association Endorsement
Click Here -  Smith/Sewell/McMorris Rodgers/Loebsack press release (5/16/2019)

Smith Introduces RHC Modernization Act to House of Representatives