Clarification of COVID-19 Relief Funding Programs


Dear RHC Community,

NARHC would like to provide some additional clarification on the differences between a variety of COVID-19 relief funding programs that RHCs received, to ensure that you are confident in your allowable uses and reporting requirements for each program. Please review the matrix below and see all of our continuously updated resources on

 Program Name   Allowable Expenses   Amount   Project Period 


 Testing Program
 Testing and testing-related   $49,461.42 
 per RHC
 Jan. 27, 2020 –
 Dec. 31, 2021
 through January 2022  
 Provider Relief Fund
 Unreimbursed expense
 and lost revenue
 attributable to COVID-19

 Varying amounts in 
 multiple phases 

 Dependent on
 when funds were

 Provider Relief Fund Portal
 by Sep. 30, 2021
 if received in Period 1
 (4/10-6/30 2020)
 RHC COVID-19 Testing 
 and Mitigation Program
 Testing, mitigation,
 and related expenses
per RHC
 Jan. 1, 2021 –
 Dec. 31, 2022
 through January 2023
 RHC Vaccine Confidence
(not all RHCs received)
 Education, outreach,
 promotion, etc. to increase
 vaccine confidence
 Approx. $49,500
 per RHC
  July 1, 2021 –
 June 30, 2022
 To be announced later
  in the project period

If you have any additional questions regarding these programs please contact