2018 Fall CRHCP Session

Event Date: 10/25/2018
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Event Overview

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED!  The next course will be offered March 2019 in San Antonio, Texas.  Registration will open January 2nd, 2019.  

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The National Association of Rural Health Clinics feels that in order for RHCs to thrive and grow, their employees, especially those in a leadership role, need to educate themselves on the federal and state guidelines pertaining to the Rural Health Clinic Program. RHCs have distinctly different rules when it comes to operations and management.

This is why NARHC is offering Directors, Clinic Administrators and other RHC leaders a unique, full-spectrum course designed to teach you how to operate a successful Rural Health Clinic.   

We offer the only nationally certified training specifically created for professionals within a Rural Health Clinic leadership role! 

*Please note, at this time there are only 100 openings available. Registrations are on a first come - first paid basis; spots will not be held for payment. Registration closes once spots have filled.


    As an RHC professional it is important to know the following key aspects of running an RHC…

  • Evaluate the fundamentals of finance and its relevance to RHC management & operations
  • Learn the integral components of an efficient front office to be a more informed manager
  • Compare & contrast the basic components of insurance contracts and their role in fee schedule development and monitoring
  • Discuss the most common types of internal controls and audits conducted within a successful RHC
  • Evaluate the components of an RHC cost report and identify which are most important to the successful management of an RHC
  • Learn the different types of benchmarks and how they interact with each other
  • Understand the revenue cycle basics & performance metrics of the RHC
  • Coding guidelines & any applicable modifier use for DX and CPT code assignment
  • RHC & non-RHC services related to coding and billing for Medicare, Medicaid & Commercial plans
  • Understand hiring, retention & termination processes
  • Be able to identity all essential policy and procedures for HR
  • Understand the staffing laws and legal documents
  • Know and understand Federal RHC requirements
  • Learners will understand the process and timeline for becoming an RHC
  • Understand how to maintain RHC compliance by the use of tools
  • Learners will learn HIPAA Regulations as they apply to an RHC


  • Certification gives you a great foundation and broad scope of RHC knowledge
  • Certification ensures you have the basic knowledge & tools to run a successful RHC
  • Certification proves you are current and staying abreast of ever changing RHC rules & regulations
  • Certification makes you highly marketable and is an asset to your employer

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