CRHCP Maintenance Requirements FAQs    


It is required that all certified members keep track of their maintenance requirements and fulfill them within their current maintenance period. Failure to complete requirements within the designated timeframe will result in a lapse of the certification. 

If you are newly certified (certified in the current year), you do not start meeting your maintenance requirements until the year after you certify. 



  • Complete 8 hours of continuing education OR successfully pass the current CRHCP session exam with a score of 80% or higher ($200 test fee applies). To take the exam please email
  • Attend a NARHC Conference in the year your certification expires. Does not satisfy the above 8 hours. 
  • Pay the $75 maintenance fee   

If you are unsure you will be able to meet the conference attendance, please CLICK HERE.



All activities to complete your requirements MUST be registered for and completed through the course catalog (see below helpful links). Approved activities can be found under the CRHCP Maintenance Activities section.  

Select Learn More and then complete the registration. This does not mean you have completed this activity. Once registered, you will receive an email with further information. You can also login to the Academy Dashboard to find the activity to complete. Each activity will have its own set of completion requirements so please be sure to read all instructions in the email as well as in the activity itself in the dashboard. Failure to fully complete the activity will result in 0 credit for this activity. Should you have any questions, please reach out to 


Below is an example of what most webinar activities will look like. You will be required to complete the requirement through the dashboard to receive credit. If you register for an upcoming NARHC webinar through the course catalog, it automatically registers you for the zoom and will send you an email invite. Activities require you to view the live webinar OR the recording as well as complete an evaluation. Once that is done you can generate a certificate of completion. The system will notify staff of your completed activity and your Profile at will be updated. Please allow up to 48 business hours for your account to update. 


To view your current requirements please navigate to your Profile (see below helpful links). All of your CRHCP Certification information can be found there. Below is an example of a Profile and more information on each field within the CRHCP Certification section of the Profile.

CRHCP Certification Status - Current status of certified or uncertified if you have not met the requirements.

CRHCP Certification Expiration Date - This is the year your certification expires and also the year you MUST attend a NARHC Conference as part of your requirements.

Current Maintenance Period -  This is the period in which you have to complete all maintenance requirements. You can only meet requirements during this period. Once you have met the requirements for that period, you can not "move ahead" and start completing requirements to use in a future maintenance period. 

Conference Attendance Met - This will reflect if you have met this requirement in the above listed maintenance period. Reminder: You MUST attend a NARHC conference in the year your certification expires.

Current Hrs Obtained of Continuing Ed - This is the current hours you have met in the above listed maintenance period. NOTE - You must obtain 8 hours. You can access activities to meet this requirement in the course catalog. 

Maintenance Fee Paid - This is a $75 fee that is specific to your certification and must be paid during the above listed maintenance period. NOTE - This is not the same as your clinic/org NARHC annual membership fee. 

Once you have met all the requirements for the current recording period, you can access an updated certificate from the CRHCP Certificate link above. On that page click View Certificate next to your original session you certified in.


Need Help? Please reach out to or call 866-306-1961 ext 3.