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Webinars will be listed below as they become available. For a full list of past webinars, please CLICK HERE.

CRHCP ONLY: The webinars listed below are the only ones you are able to view for CRHCP credit. To enter the code received at the end of the webinar, please select View Session next to the appropriate webinar listed below, click the Registration tab and proceed until you get to your cart and can enter your code.  Again, the codes are ONLY for those that are CRHCP Certified.  


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Date Session Name Location  
3/27/2019 -- 12/31/2020 TA Webinar 3-27-19: AgriSafe Nurse Scholar Program Online - Eastern Time Zone View Session
4/24/2019 -- 12/31/2020 TA Webinar 4-24-19: Establishing an Opioid Treatment Program in your RHC Online - Eastern Time Zone View Session
7/30/2019 -- 12/31/2020 TA Webinar 7-30-19: RHC Cost Reporting Online - Eastern Time Zone View Session
8/23/2019 -- 12/31/2020 TA Webinar 8-23-19: Becoming a Primary Care Medical Home Online View Session
9/10/2019 -- 12/31/2020 TA Webinar 9-10-19: USDA's Rural Health Opportunities Online View Session
1/29/2020 -- 12/31/2021 TA Webinar 1-29-20: Regulatory Updates Online View Session
4/3/2020 -- 12/31/2021 TA Webinar 4-3-20: Surviving COVID-19 as a RHC: New Federal Policies & Programs to Help Keep Your Clinic Open View Session
4/20/2020 -- 12/31/2021 TA Webinar 4-20-20: How and What Will Medicare Pay For RHC Telehealth Visits Online View Session
5/26/2020 -- 12/31/2021 TA Webinar 5-26-20: RHC COVID-19 Testing Funds-What You Need to Know Online View Session
6/4/2020 -- 12/31/2021 TA Webinar 6-4-20: COVID-19 Testing and Testing Related Activities with CDC Experts Online View Session
6/30/2020 -- 12/31/2021 TA Webinar 6-30-20: NHSC New Site Application Webinar for Rural Health Clinics Online View Session
8/27/2020 -- 12/31/2021 TA Webinar 8-27-20: COVID-19 Testing - What RHCs Are Doing For Their Communities Online View Session
9/21/2020 2:00:00 PM -- 12/31/2021 TA Webinar 9-21-20: Cost Reporting During Covid Online View Session
10/6/2020 -- 12/31/2021 TA Webinar 10-6-20: Navigating RHC Covid Reporting Requirements Online View Session