Is it Time to Certify/Recertify Your Clinic?


TWO PRIVATE OPTIONS are now available in addition to the governmental options available in most states. Both give a 10% Discount to NARHC members!

  1. QUAD A has developed a program of inspection and accreditation to help improve the quality of patient care in rural health clinics.

    For 30+ years, Quad A has inspected and accredited an array of surgery facilities using a nationally recognized set of standards that are considered the Gold Standard in the industry. We are expanding this concept to RHCs to establish a peer to peer accreditation program that mirrors our past efforts. Visit for more information.

    PO Box 9500, Gurnee, IL 60031

  2. The Compliance Team was approved on July 18, 2014, as a national accrediting organization for RHCs that wish to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid program.

    Value=Based Quality Recognition: Twenty-years plus millions of positive data points into our mission, the results are clear. The Compliance Team’s, Medicare authorized, Exemplary Provider® accreditation proves that achieving healthcare delivery excellence, and being recognized for it, doesn’t have to be costly or difficult to realize. As always, NARHC members get a 10% discount.

    Kate Hill, RN, Vice President of Clinical Services
    PO Box 160, Spring House, PA 19477