Is it Time to Certify/Recertify Your Clinic?


TWO PRIVATE OPTIONS are now available in addition to the governmental options available in most states. Both give a 10% Discount to NARHC members!

  1. QUAD A has developed a program of inspection and accreditation to help improve the quality of patient care in rural health clinics.

    For 30+ years, Quad A has inspected and accredited an array of surgery facilities using a nationally recognized set of standards that are considered the Gold Standard in the industry. We are expanding this concept to RHCs to establish a peer to peer accreditation program that mirrors our past efforts. Visit for more information.

    QUAD A
    600 Central Avenue, Suite 265
    Highland Park, IL 60035

  2. The Compliance Team was approved on July 18, 2014, as a national accrediting organization for RHCs that wish to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid program.

    Value=Based Quality Recognition: Twenty-years plus millions of positive data points into our mission, the results are clear. The Compliance Team’s, Medicare authorized, Exemplary Provider® accreditation proves that achieving healthcare delivery excellence, and being recognized for it, doesn’t have to be costly or difficult to realize. As always, NARHC members get a 10% discount.

    Kate Hill, RN, Vice President of Clinical Services
    PO Box 160, Spring House, PA 19477